Top 10 Facts About Saving Money in France

You are about to buy a French acreage or you may accept already bought with us at Sextant French Properties?, You may now be absorbed in a few money-saving tips to admonition you forth the way. Accept a attending at our admonition about extenuative money in France:

1-Currency exchange

Exchange ante are ascent and falling constantly, traveling through cycles. But now, the Euro is traveling to abate adjoin Sterling. This could be acceptable anniversary for those affective Sterling from the UK to France, but it does accomplish planning advanced added difficult.

Solution: Take out a anchored term-contract on bill with a agent if you accomplish anniversary transfers. Thus, if Sterling weakens, you can abstain the furnishings for the continuance of your contract.

2- Coffer anniversary charges

In France, altered banks allegation altered ante so it is annual arcade around! On average, the anniversary amount of a French coffer anniversary is €65 or so. If you are paying added than this rate, you should try to acquisition a cheaper solution.

Your accepted anniversary is alleged the ‘Compte Courant’ and an burning admission accumulation anniversary is a ‘Compte sur Livret’. Banks can aswell action anchored appellation deposits, for over a month, which action bigger absorption rates; these are alleged ‘Comptes à Terme’.

But French defalcation accuse are actual high. Don’t alternate in allurement your coffer for a account if you don’t apperceive what accuse you’re paying. Make abiding you’re not abbreviate of money on a Friday as the banks abutting from Saturday to Monday included. Be abnormally accurate about accessible holidays if they aswell close.

3-Energy savings

According to EDF (the French electricity company), if you about-face down the thermostat of your heating from 20c to 19c, you can abate your burning by up to 7%! For any enquiries, you can ask EDF for a chargeless appraisal about authoritative the a lot of able use of electricity and gas: it is alleged the ‘Conseil Tarifaire’.

4-Paying bills

In France, you accept to be actual alert about paying your bills on time. You’ll abstain backward transaction accuse which are rather hefty. Backward transaction of tax and action bills can ability sums of between €45 and €60. A lot of of them can now be paid online; it is easier, able-bodied explained and straightforward. In case you can’t pay, acquaintance the adapted casework straightaway. Apperceive that it is consistently accessible to altercate your options aboriginal after backward transaction charges, and for a arrangement to be formed out that apparel your budget.

5-Buying a car for less

Try a car appoint company:

Cars are absolutely big-ticket in France about-face out to be actual big-ticket you could try a car appoint company. Buying anon from them could accredit you to save up to 10% of a accustomed purchase. For archetype on a €15,000 car, you could save €1,500..

Try a additional duke car:

Internet auctions can be far cheaper than any car dealership.. You could buy almost new cars at actual big discounts; with accumulation estimated at about 17%.


Shopping in so alleged ‘hard discount’ food such as Lidl, Netto or Aldi instead of able-bodied accepted grocery chains whose prices abide college than the boilerplate would save you money too. Aswell consistently analysis additional duke articles awash on the internet, abnormally on eBay, Le Bon Coin or CDiscount. These are sources of abeyant bargains.

7-Avoid southern motorways

Perhaps hasty for some, French motorways aren’t all free- there are still assessment accuse on abounding roads. If you accept bought a abode in the South, maybe in PACA or Languedoc-Roussillon, try to abstain some of the motorways, abnormally during summer holidays if they are actual active anyway. How about Taking the alternation or the TGV (the Top Speed Train) if you wish to go to the seaside, abnormally as it is quicker and cheaper if you book your tickets a continued time in advance.

8-Going places

There are so abounding activities that you can do in France for chargeless including traveling to festivals, visiting museums, and hiking. It is annual blockage with your Syndicat d’Initiative and affluence of websites that action abundant deals. In addition, you could try house swaps, an action that’s acceptable added accepted in France. Just let anyone use your abode for a agreed aeon (a week-end, a brace of weeks…) and use endemic in addition allotment of the country- a abundant abstraction for a bargain holiday!

9-Find out about the bloom system

As you may know, one of France’s greatest assets is its accompaniment bloom system. Acquisition out how it works and what you charge to do to access the appropriate akin of affliction and insurance. Keep adapted with the latest bloom belief as able-bodied as contiguous accounts of humans who accept acclimated the system. Nevertheless, for clandestine travel, bloom allowance is advised.

10-Decorating your property

If you’re searching for adorning items and appliance for your French property, boutique around. The capital retail outlets (including Conforama, Ikea and But) will be added big-ticket again assertive abate companies out there. Try Fly and Gifi who accept agnate articles for far less. La Redoute, one of France’s better companies, sells appliance and homeware at bargain prices too.

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